Typical Cities in the Interior of Andalucía

 This is a pilot project based on the concept of cooperation between local administrations and those who work in tourism in the region and includes the cities of Alcalá la Real, Antequera, Ecija, Estepa, Loja and Lucena. All of them offer a rich cultural heritage which we can get to know while maintaining Alcalá la Real as our reference point.

Finally, it is worthwhile mentioning Almedinilla, in order that you get to know the Roman villa of El Ruedo which was discovered in 1989. It is one of the best examples of Greco-Roman culture in Andalucía due to its extraordinary architecture and sculptural decoration, as well as for being one of the largest buildings of its type found in the region. Wonderful meals are celebrated here with all the rituals of the Roman table. It´s a worthwhile activity and one which the staff of Llave de Granada can help to organise.